Hey! I’m Rachael, the founder and owner of Botanica Bird.

 I love the interplay between bold colours, the retro charm of 70s interiors, the juxtaposition of nature vs the built environment, the glow of golden light after it rains, and of course, anything to do with flowers!

You will often catch me at my home studio playing with flowers and experimenting with different arrangements, or planning upcoming events and/or projects. If I'm not working in my home studio, I’m collaborating with other florists, on a hike, enjoying a dip in the ocean, attending art shows, dancing at a gig, hosting dinner parties or having a drop at one of the many amazing bars in Newcastle.

I studied a Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in painting and have always loved using my hands to create. I became a florist because flowers speak to me and allow me to express myself in a way that no other art medium can. I see flowers as a creative tool and my practice goes beyond the classic bouquet into the realm of sculpture, art and design.

My inspiration comes from the places I have travelled, the experiences I have held onto and the people I have met along the way. I utilise seasonal flowers and locally grown produce in all my designs, so each arrangement is unique to the season and location.

Checkout out my journal for past and current projects, inspiration and floral adventures.